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Baubeach - La spiaggia per cani liberi e feliciBaubeach - La spiaggia per cani liberi e felici



(To be observed in respect of all)

  1. At Baubeach® it is forbidden to bring asocial individuals (both dogs and humans), females in estrus cycle (dogs only) and unvaccinated puppies.

  2. It’s also requested to show vaccination stamp and registration to Register Office togheter with the veterinary certification for dogs who have been practiced caudectomy(We have to control personal health records and - in case you haven’t brought it with you - we will ask you to show it the next time)

  3. Dogs must be free to socialize, run, play with each other, always under the direct responsibility of their host

  4. Dogs must always have a bowl with clean fresh water and the parasol to provide them shadow when you are resting

  5. We kindly invite you to respect the environment separating your waste in the specific baskets and collecting the defecations of your dogs with the special hygiene bags

  6. Buoys delimit the area within which the dog can swim, as well as signs bound our area of ??relevance: we sincerly invite you to respect these boundaries

  7. Please inspect the Code of Ethics of the Association on this website and its Statute

  8. We ask you to tell to the Management every problem and to report any delay giving us a possibility to intervene immediately

  9. You can find The First Aid Point at the Reception desk. We have a also First Aid Vet Point: in any case we are available

  10. In order to participate in our sports we kindly ask toour Members to bringh the certificate the possibility to practice sports, which is necessary in terms of Law.


President: Patrizia Daffinà